Library & Laboratories:

  • Rich library with various type of books favored by Children & well equipped Science and Computer Laboratories.


  • School transport facility is optional. It is available at genuine rate depending upon the distance.
  • No concession is available in the transport charges.
  • School transport fees and be raised, if there is rise in fuel prices.
  • The school administration is highly careful for the safety of the students. But the school bears no responsibility for any injury sustained by the students in accidents or otherwise while travelling by school transport.
  • If a child doesn’t like to avail transport facility, he/she must inform the institution. The information must be given one month earlier.


  • Our aim is to teach students how to use computers to improve the quality of their lives. The syllabus includes word processor, managing databases, spread sheets modelling, graphics and desktop publishing. The school is well equipped with Pentium machines with multimedia. The internet has been introduced to provide students the experience of using the latest technology of the information age. There are two Computer Labs at the moment of which one is for the Senior Secondary.

Educational Tours:

  • The school arranges educational tours & excursions for students and faculty members to bond together. It is widely accepted that they play an indispensable part in development of friendship among students. They are shown important historical places, scenes, various Indian culture which makes them bring back happy everlasting memories to be shared between themselves and others.