Current Requirements:

  1. English teacher for std l to std V
    Qualification- Eng. hons. M.A
    Experience- Minimum 3yrs
  2. Hindi teacher for class VIII to XII
    Qualification- MA + B.ED
    Experience-Minimum 3yrs
  1. Bio teacher for class IX to XII
    Experience-Minimum 3yrs
  1. Chemistry teacher for class IX to XII
    Qualification-MAC +B.ED
    Experience-Minimum 3yrs
  1. Junior teacher for class Nurs. To UKG
    Qualification-Minimum Hons.
    Experience- 3yrs
  2. Accountant for school
    Qualification – D.C.A / B.C.A / M.C.A
    Experience- 2 yrs.


Candidate can send their CV on our mail-id :

(Salary will be decided after interview)
Contact no: 9431813939